The Rumtek Dzong Retreat is situated at a small hillock of Rumtek, Gangtok, East Sikkim. It is is located 20 kilometres from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, at an altitude of about 1,500 metres (4,900 ft). We offer the tourists "pick up" facilities from Gangtok town (20kms) or from the junction (8kms) on demand.

The Rumtek Dzong Retreat Details:
The Rumtek Dzong Retreat takes its pride to offer different standard of rooms which caters to all the strata of the tourists. From deluxe rooms , double Deluxe Rooms, Premium Rooms to suites totalling to (19) nineteen rooms in totality. 24 hrs running cold n hot water, Heating system in d rooms adds to the comfort of the occupants.

In-house complimentary Morning tea/coffee at the private balcony of each rooms, over looking the awesome view with the warmth of early morning sun add to the grandeur of the stay.For the In-house tourists we offer you a cooling walk in our private forest which will be the high light of the stay and an experience in itself. The chirping of the birds in the mornings in our private jungle will rejuvenate your very self.

We have a beautiful ground floor Restaurant for the in-house and the floating tourists which is sprawled out to the Garden. The restaurant boasts of the very tantalizing Local cuisine and drinks apart from the usual cuisine.A fully equipped bar facilitates the restaurant with soft music and professional service.

The very famous Rumtek Monastery is 3 kms away from the Rumtek Dzong Retreat. Rumtek is famous for"The Rumtek Monastery",the seat of His Holiness the Karmapa, the third highest monk in Tibetan Buddhism. It also serves as one of the most important seats of the Kagyu (Black Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism outside of Tibet and is also known as Dharma-chakra Centre.
Therefore anyone and everyone visiting the Monastery can make a stopover at the Dzong Retreat for a wholesome meal or snacks amidst d soft music in our Garden amidst the cool breeze overlooking the spectacular view of the yonder Gangtok Town.It is a stopover for relaxation and the cooling effect the scenic beauty spills over after the tiring tour of the day at our famous restaurant and bar which is open to all the tourists from 7am till 10pm. All can order for the Lunch on the way to the Monastery and on their way back lo n behold; the steaming cuisine shall be waiting. The Rumtek Dzong Retreat offers Local Cuisine and local drinks quenching the thirst of a long day of driving.

Rumtek is for Rumtek Monastery: the international Dharma chakra centre of the Khagyu Sect of Buddhism. Located about 3 km from Dzong Retreat, the monastery was built by the fourth King of Sikkim under the supervision of the ninth Karmapa (head of the Karma Kagyu sect)., at an elevation of almost 5000 ft and surrounded by lush green landscape, the monastery is a visual treat besides offering spiritual solace.

The architectural design is almost identical to the original Kagyu headquarter in Tibet. The Kagyu (also called Kagyupa or Kagyud) school is one of six main schools of Tibetan Buddhism.It is believed that the first Karmapa meditated for many years in a cave and ten thousand fairies offered him a strand of hair each after they congratulated him for his feat. The strands of hair were woven into a black hat and it has been passed down over the generations and it still remains in the Rumtek Monastery. Worn by following Karmapas during ceremonies, the hat is said to fly away unless it is held by hand or kept in a box.

The beautiful monastery enshrines a golden stupa which contains relics like statues and paintings that belong to the 16th Karmapa. The importance of the monastery increased immensely after China annexed Tibet leading to many religious gurus relocating from Tibet to Sikkim. It houses religious art objects and some of the world’s most unique religious scriptures.There are important Buddhist buildings near the monastery like the Nalanda Institute of Higher Buddhist studies. Less than a kilometre uphill from the monastery is a hermitage where monks go to meditate for a period of up to three years. A brief walk downhill from the main monastery takes you to the site of the old monastery which was destroyed in a fire but it was later restored. Foreign nationals need to obtain a permit to visit the monastery and the permit can be obtained from the main government office at Rangpo Check Post, Sikkim and Siliguri.

There are several tourist sites near the monastery. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, a hill resort and one of the most frequently visited places in the north-east, is located about 23 km north-east of the monastery . It is known for its scenic beauty and striking views of the mount Kanchenjunga, third highest peak in the world. Kalimpong is located around 75 km south-west of the monastery. The hill station of Kalimpong boasts of ancient Buddhist monasteries, quaint old churches and popular temples. Darjeeling, one of the most scenic and hugely popular hill resorts in India, is located at about 100 km south-west of the monastery. Situated at an elevation of over 7000 ft and nestled among the backdrop of the mighty snow clad Himalayan peaks, one can get a clear view of the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenjunga, from the town on a sunny day.

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